This was the second store to have a Rock-afire Explosion show installed

The exterior of the restaurant. Notice the different and glowing logo.

History Edit

In July of 1980 ShowBiz opens its second store in Jacksonville, FL which contains Creative’s ShowBiz-exclusive show The Rock-afire Explosion.

The Rock-afire Explosion Edit

This Rock-afire Explosion looked a little different than they did a few years down the road. Many of the early character masks were sculpted by Dave Thomas, one of CEI's artists, and the characters onstage had a more grotesque appearance. Their faces were heavily defined, with paint detailing that helped to emphasize the many facial wrinkles and creases. The characters, notably Billy Bob, had much heavier brows that were reminiscent of Disney's bears. Fatz originally had a lighter gray complexion, had protruding ears, and wore rings on his fingers. Mitzi wore pigtails without any visible bangs, and had blue and yellow pom-poms. Dook had a completely different outfit altogether, and Beach Bear's fur was gray and shaggy. 

Billy Bob and Looney Bird in their early appearance


The early Rock-afire

There were a few key differences in the stage props and surrounding characters as well. The earliest shows had an Owl character at the base of Dook's drums, and the Frog sat on Beach Bear's surfboard. The original "Tune Machine" organ had 4 legs and a grill in the front. The scripted "Rock-afire Explosion" logo had not been created yet, so the organ and sign behind Fatz had a much more primitive appearance (the explosion sign behind Fatz is actually attached to an

Rolfe and Earl in their early versions

artificial tree).  Source:

Dook in his "gangster" outfit. It was later changed into a space suit