The Rock-afire ExplosionEdit

As the show got standardized, Rolfe and Looney's masks weren't changed.

Second version of the Rock-afire Explosion

Beach Bear's fur was still grey until 83.



The Pensacola location opened in Dec 1981 as Showbiz pizza place. It had a 3-stage with the rock afire explosion.


Sadly this location just like every other went through a process called concept unification. The characters were turned into the CEC characters and the store got phase 2.


In 1995 the store went to a phase 2/3 mix and still has it today. In 2001 all the characters masks were replaced with plastic ones. Chuck e's outfit was updated to adventure chuck in 2008. It was one of the last stores to have the tux, which was removed in 2009.


The store is a phase 2/3/4 mix. It is one of the last locations to have phase 2 or 3.


Final version of the Rock-afire