The Wolfpack 5; the original 5 animatronic figures that covered for the RAE in 1980 while they were in development
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Beach Bear

at the first SPP in Antioch. The characters featured were a gorilla named Fats Gorilla, a wolf named the Wolfman, a dog named Dingo, a bear named Beach Bear and a fox/mouse named Queenie/Mini. They currently reside at Creative Engineering where they are undergoing restoration.

History Edit

Aaron Fechter came up with the concept after seeing a live performance in London of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Wolf Pack 5 consisted of five characters that played 50's style rock and roll music. The cast included the Wolfman, Fats Gorilla, Dingo Starr, Beach Bear, and Queenie. They made their debut at the 1978 IAAPA convention in Atlanta.

Former locationsEdit

  • 1st Showbiz in Kansas City, MO - now in CEI
  • King's Dominion in Doswell, Virginia - show in storage
  • Pyramid Place in Toronto City, Canada
  • Man & His World in Montreal, Canada
  • Spreepark in Berlin, Germany - retrofitted, gone
  • Italpark in Buenos Aries - moved to Republic of children in La Plata
  • Gaslight Village - Lake George, New York


All animatronics except of Beach Bear are using Similar to the Hard Luck Bears movements/frameworks. Queenie is the only
animatronic that uses a Mama Granbags framework from the Bear Country Jubilee which is the predecessor to the Hard Luck Bears show.

The first idea was to install a Billy Wilbur animatronic to replace Beach Bear. This idea was later discarded.

The WolfPack 5 have had some different language versions like this

Japanese WolfPack 5 (google translate = ウルフパック5)

Animal Band (google translate = アニマルバンド

Modified wolfpack 5 at gaslight village by drfawkes-daacfqy

Gaslight Village used to have a Wolfpack 5 with only 3 characters. Surprisingly, Friendly Freddy was a character in this show. He's the bear in the middle. He was later seen on Ebay in 2001. His fur turned red and his right leg is gone.


It was also speculated the he was in this picture with Wolfman


However, this is just not a pile of fur and a mask on top of, that's an actual animatronic. It was speculated that he could be the bear animatronic named Cornelius Bearpatch, from the Confederate Critter Show, since Aaron Fechter mentioned that the red bear that was on Ebay, was a part of the show in Gaslight Village.)